Wisdom Teeth Removal

Third molars or wisdom teeth are a hallmark of any oral surgery practice.  Probably the most common procedure in my office is third molar removal.  Most people have 4 third molars or one in each quadrant of the mouth.  The exact number can vary from none(the fortunate few) to as many as 10 for one of my own patients..They are typically the last tooth to develop and the last tooth to come in.  Most third molars erupt between the ages of 15-18 but they can come in as early as 13 all the way into early 20’s.  Unfortunately the most common symptom associated with third molar eruption is pain otherwise known as “cutting a tooth”.  Most third molars are non functional teeth and are not used for chewing.  Due to their location they are difficult to clean and cause problems with decay and hygiene.  With the prevalence of braces or orthodontics most children have their third molars removed after braces to avoid the dreaded delayed crowding associated with their forceful eruption into the mouth.  In some cases diseases such as cysts or tumors can be associated with third molars that fail to erupt or come in partially…Do you have third molars or problems with your third molars see your dentist or oral surgeon today…don’t have a oral surgeon then give me a call….  

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